Who is behind www.sailandclimb.ch?

Sail and climb tours are organized by Mountain Memories. Mountain
Memories was created in Zermatt in 1996 by Andreas Fux to organize
skiing and climbing tours and expeditions around the world. As a
professional mountain guide and ski instructor, Andreas is since 30
years on a global tour with clients to share the beauty and splendours
of nature and the mountains. If you would like to climb a fourtousander
in the Alps, go trekking in Patagonia, go on an expedition to Alaska or
to the desert in Marocco, Andreas is the person to accompany you.


Mountain Memories has for the past 21 years organized skiing tours to
northern Norway with a sailingboot. And after more than 30 weeks to the fjords of Norway the "sailing virus" has been a constant companion of Andreas, and he went through professional training as a skipper with "Internationalem

Since a few years back Mountain Memories is organizing sailing and climbing tours in the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean Sea. In the last 14Years, Andreas spent moore than 87 weeks as combined skipper and mountain guide on the boat. Nov / Dez 2010 he saild 6800Km non stop over the Atlantic from Las Palmas to St. Lucia. And last last Aug 2012 he saild in the Arctic sea, 1000'Km from Svalbad to Norway. 

This experience is your safety!